Vitality Peppermint Oil

(From Mr. Gimmelli)

Vitality Peppermint Oil supports your digestive system. And it begins with Young Living Essential Oils. I myself have wanted to get support for my digestion. When I have used Peppermint Oil, it has supported my digestion and as you know, nothing is better. Here are a few things Vitality Peppermint Oil does for you:

Vitality Peppermint Oil

Vitality Peppermint Oil | Health

There are three things I have done with the Vitality Peppermint Oil from Young Living Essential Oils. First, and probably one of my most favorite is a good size cup of hot water in a large Ceramic cup or Steel mug (mine, is my Detroit Red Wings stainless steel mug). And all that is required is only 1 drop of the Vitality Peppermint Oil in the hot water. One and no more. Stir it a little bit and then take your sips. Of course, you can add a small bit of natural brown sugar. It feels refreshing and great as you drink it. Do not use Styrofoam or Plastic cups.

Vitality Peppermint Oil | Support

Second, the other option you have is to take theYoung Living Vitality Peppermint Oil and add a drop or two in or around your stomach area. Rub it around the stomach and the oil will work its way into your skin and give you the support that you need. Make sure you do not place your hands near your eyes or rub your eyes until you wash your hands. However, you can cup your hands and bring them near your face and smell the fragrance of the oil. You will able to breathe more freely and you will feel instantly alert.

Vitality Peppermint Oil | Comfort

Third, at times what I have done is buy those veggie pill capsules. I then add one drop of oil in the capsule and then 3 drop of a carrier oil (like extra virgin olive oil). I usually ingest it after a meal, but I have also taken it on an empty stomach. Of course, take it with some water. I tend to lean more toward the first option. This has supported my digestive system.

Vitality Peppermint Oil | Soothing

Additionally, I have found the Young Living Essential Vitality Peppermint Oil has also brought that calming effect to both my digestion and my entire system. If you are like me, you may have those intense days at work with lots of stress. Once I have the Vitality Peppermint Oil, it starts making me feel good and calm. This oil is at its purest content and has helped me the most. It definitely is my favorite!

Vitality Peppermint Oil | Best

Finally, for me the Vitality Peppermint Oil serves in other matters as well. I rub the oil on my neck and back when I am feeling some stiffness and after sitting too much at the computer at work or after the gym. Actually, my wife helps me with the back. What can I say, she loves me and she is a terrific lady. It is said, “that Young Living Peppermint Oil not only is known to support digestion, but also the nervous, respiratory, and cardiovascular system. Hey, give it a shot!

Vitality Peppermint Oil is amazing. One of the many benefits that Peppermint Oil has is supporting normal digestion, including healthy intestinal function and gastrointestinal system comfort. I am offering you to join me in the journey to help support your digestive system along with various other areas with the purest oils on the market today. We are all different and sometimes we fail to realize it in our society. If each of us have our own unique fingerprint, then perhaps everyone’s journey does not have the exact same solution. In the meantime, give Young Living Vitality Peppermint Oil a try to support your digestive system on your journey.