Purchasing the Premium Starter Kit is what starts you on the road to a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. The price of the kit is already 50% off of the regular price, but an even better deal is….how do I get the Starter Kit for free??

It is super, duper simple!

  • First, purchase the Starter Kit. If you go to my page, “How to Order Your Essential Oils”, it will give you step by step instructions on how to order your kit.
  • Next, ask yourself this question, “Who do I know that would be blessed with a diffuser and some essential oils? Share with a few friends and some family members. Before the end of the month that you enrolled, get 3 friends/family to purchase the Starter Kit to start their journey to a toxic free lifestyle, you will then get a check from Young Living to cover the kit that you had bought. Don’t forget to remind them too, of all the great perks that you get they will get, too. Now you and your friends and family can enjoy this oily journey together.

It’s that simple!

Once your family and friends see how much better your sleep has improved, how beautiful your skin looks, how much energy you have, they will want to know your secret. The secret is the wonderful Young Living products that support your wellness journey.

Oops! I forgot to tell you that for every friend or family member that signs up, Young Living gives you $50. How is that for sharing something that you love. We all share favorite restaurants and a favorite movie, but no one pays us for sharing. Young Living is an amazing and caring company.