Essential RewardsWhat are Essential Rewards?

Let me give you a scenario….Essential Rewards is where Amazon meets Costco, BJ’s or Sam’s membership (without the membership fee) meets frequent flyer miles, meets cash back all in one. The benefits are amazing, and you can get oils and products for free. It is like shopping in your own corner shop at a wholesale price and accumulate points to get more products.

Essential Rewards Program

This is a Young Living Loyalty program for those that want to kick the chemicals out of their home and live a toxic-free lifestyle. You would order products or oils every month to start removing chemical filled personal care products from your home. Every household needs to purchase personal care products every month, why not buy them from Young Living knowing that there is nothing that can harm you or your family. Young Living products also lasts longer, since they are so concentrated, you only need a small amount. Your budget will thank you.

Other Benefits of Essential Rewards

Other benefits with enrolling in Essential Rewards is you get great discounts on special product packages. You also get reduced shipping rates with your monthly order. You can change the products you are ordering every month and you can also change the date you want it to process every month. It is very flexible!

Being on Essential Rewards has many perks. Every month this is how much you earn:

  • Month 1-3 you earn 10% of your order in points.
  • Month 4-24 you earn 20% of your order in points.
  • Month 25 and up you earn 25% of your order in points.

Wait it gets better! You also get FREE oils at months 3, 6, 9, and 12. Isn’t that awesome!!!

You can sign up for Essential Rewards as soon as you order your Premium Starter Kit. If your goal is to protect your family from toxic chemicals that you may be using, Essential Rewards will help you and make it easier to transition to a healthy way of living.