Crocheting has health benefits. Learning to crochet can do more than teach you a new skill. It helps with your mental health and happiness. Arts and crafts are more than just a fun hobby, they have other health benefits. There are numerous health benefits that crocheting brings and can range from calming you down to relieving stress.

Crocheting Has Health Benefits

Crocheting Has Health Benefits | Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Crocheting can help with stress if you have anxiety in your daily life. You can pick up some yarn and a hook and spend some time being creative. Once you start crocheting and making something, you are taking your mind off of the things that are bringing you anxiety. By focusing on the repetitive movements with the individual stitches, your mind is able to be more relaxed from thinking thoughts that bring you anxiety.

Crocheting Has Health benefits | Sleeplessness

You can calm your mind and body by picking up your yarn and hook and start crocheting. As you crochet and start a new project, you are relaxing your body and mind which will help you fall asleep at bedtime. If you are having trouble sleeping, just pick up your project and start crocheting, in no time, you will feel relaxed and ready to fall asleep. Crocheting can help you feel happier and better about yourself.

Crocheting Has Health Benefits | Self-Esteem

Crocheting can build your self-esteem. By working on a new project and giving it as a gift or selling it at a craft fair, you will feel good about yourself. You can add to your family’s wardrobe by making things for your family. Learning the craft of crochet can fill our mind and hearts. Especially during the cold winter months, when the days are dark early, and you start feeling a little down, grabbing your crochet project can lift you up and help you feel better. Starting on a new crochet project for a friend or family is very exciting.

Crocheting Has Health Benefits |Reduce Alzheimer

Crocheting can decrease the risk of Alzheimer by 40% to 50%. Cognitive exercises and stimulating the mind with crocheting, can help you prevent memory loss. When crocheting you need to understand what stitch you are doing and keep track of it, therefore, you are forced to remember the stitch and where you are in the project. By learning a new stitch or reading a crochet pattern book, crocheting can help you build and strengthen your memory.

Crocheting Has Health Benefits | Community

Crocheting builds community. Communities can be built in churches, hospitals and even therapy locations. By crocheting in a group, you can relate to the other members of the group which can develop into many conversations. Crocheting brings a sense of community.

Crocheting Has Health Benefits for everyone! The calming repetitive movement produce a soothing effect. Working on various stitches keep your fingers agile which is important for people with arthritis. You can also crochet while watching television, while traveling and while having a conversation with someone. The craft of Crochet can be taken anywhere you go and travel to. It is cost effective and inexpensive making clothing as well as gifts. Crocheting also adds a sense of balance to the stress of a fast-paced lifestyle. Learning the craft of crochet is worth it in so many ways. I have been crocheting since I was 7 years old, and I have not put my hook and yarn down. Some people like to take bubble baths to relax and wind down, I like to crochet and make gifts for family and friends. It is what brings me the most JOY!