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Why I Got Started with Essential Oils….

In 2016, a friend of mine was talking to me about sampling some oils. I had talked to her about my teenage son having a hard time falling asleep at night.  She started to talk to me about Lavender Essential Oil and the difference between Young Living and other brands on the market.  In learning about Young Living, I realized what a huge difference there was between Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and how they were made and bottled. I was blown away by that difference. Once I started to add lavender oil to my son’s diffuser in his room, I saw a big difference in how he was able to relax in the evening and prepare himself to sleep. The support from the lavender oil was amazing!! The amazing results my family and I began to experience using Young Living Essential Oils was remarkable!

I have continued to use the oils and have made my own natural beauty products and many other great things. My family and I have experienced such powerful benefits from Young Living essential oils and continue to share our passion and love for the oils. My overall goal is to help thousands of families experience improved health and freedom! Toxic chemicals, poor eating habits and financial hardship contribute to poor health. Living the Young Living lifestyle will help everyone experience freedom in so many ways!

I am very passionate about helping other families with the knowledge and tools they need to take control of their own health with toxic free living, while experiencing financial freedom in the process. My ultimate goal is to live my life to the glory of God! When God created flowers, trees and herbs, he gave us essential oils that we can use in cooking, cleaning, wellness, relaxation, and for supporting all the systems in our bodies. 

Young Living Essential Oils are so pure and so skillfully grown and distilled…this is what made the difference! We started using them for everything! We started replacing some of the items we were using with Young Living products! This is something I love sharing with others and revealing how passionate I am of Young Living Essential Oils. There is more to talk about…..stick with me.


Beyond the health benefits, we discovered that God had more in store for us! He not only wanted us to use the oils for ourselves, He also wanted us to share what we had discovered with everyone we crossed paths with! We found that Young Living was an abundant source of income for us, as well as for our friends and families!

As I use my oils in everyday life, my friends and family started to ask me questions.  They all wanted to know how to get started using Young Living Essential Oils to live an abundant and wellness lifestyle. As a result, I gave them my member number, and they listed me as the one who referred them. All of a sudden, I quickly realized how generous Young Living’s referral program was and got my first paycheck!

(Young Living Income Disclosure Statement, Click here)

As a pastor’s wife and busy homeschool mom I realized I did not have much time for a business. As I continued using my oils and sharing with others, I realized I was earning enough to cover the cost of my oils, plus extra. Others using the oils were now interested in making some extra income and even becoming debt-free. They also started sharing with their friends and families and started getting their oils for free, plus extra. Their business was growing, and at the same time we are growing an organization of friends which is quickly becoming our second family. The friendships we have established with Young Living is above and beyond our dreams.

Here are some reasons to consider a Home Business with Young Living Essential Oils:

  • Low Cost Investment
  • Travel Opportunities for you and your family
  • Invest in as much time as you want
  • NO Inventory to manage
  • Tax Benefits
  • Help and serve others
  • Paid for family healthy lifestyle
  • No Shipping
  • Become a Stay-at-Home mom and earn income
  • Become a Stay-at-Home dad and earn income

Some considerations: Just type in your name and email below. I will contact you with more information.

Option 1: If you are interested in living a toxic-free lifestyle with Young Living Essential Oils along with getting your oils for free.
Option 2: Or you just want to start a home-based business with Young Living and earn an unlimited income.


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